How it all began...

After college, I moved to Godollo, Hungary, a rural village outside of Budapest where I taught English to elementary school children. Arriving at the end of the cold war, I watched as Soviet tanks were hauled away by train. Hungary was no longer an Eastern Bloc country and I found myself in the middle of history being made. 

I spent my free time exploring anywhere a train or bus ticket would take me. I couldn’t get enough of learning about Eastern Europe and the perseverance of its people. My time there changed how I would see the world forever.

While raising my family and building a successful retail business, I carried those memories with me. I dreamed of adventures in faraway places, the stories I would write and the photos I would take. Those dreams turned to reality when I visited and later moved to Croatia. Falling madly in love with the country, its people and culture compelled me to share what I learned.

My travel blog, Lifedigs, was born from these experiences. Exploring remote locations and uncovering the cultural treasures in each new adventure fuels me. I live by the philosophy that there is a story to be discovered everywhere.

Chris Roth